Cedar Bay Cherry

Eugenia reinwardtiana is a shrub to small tree native to rainforests in northern Queensland, Australia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Islands. Common names include Cedar Bay Cherry, Mountain Stopper, and Nioi (Hawaii). They are typically 2 to 6 m (6.6 to 20 ft) in height.

The tree is particularly prevalent around the Cedar Bay National Park and the edible fruit was especially popular with the hippies who lived there in the 1970s.


The tree is cultivated to a limited extent for its edible sweetish fruit that is often eaten out-of-hand, used to flavour drinks and candies, or as a preserve. The fruit is a source of antioxidants.

The tree is well-suited to amenity horticulture in the tropics, and is grown in the median strips in Cairns. It is readily propagated from fresh seed.

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