Canary melon

Canary melon (C. melo (Indorus group)) or winter melon is a large, bright-yellow melon with a pale green to white inner flesh. This melon has a distinctively sweet flavor that is slightly tangier than a honeydew melon. The flesh looks like that of a pear but is softer and tastes a little like a cantaloupe. When ripe, the rind has a slightly waxy feel. The name comes from its bright yellow color, which resembles that of the canary. This melon is often marketed as the Juan Canary melon or "variety melons" and can be found in various sizes and shapes. This melon is common in parts of Asia, e.g., Japan and South Korea.

The outer skin of the canary melon is softer than that of cantaloupe or honeydew, and preparation of the melon for consumption is best administered with a knife. The elasticity of the skin resists blunt trauma induced from chopping, punching or hammering.

Popular culture

In the second scene of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, canary melons are eaten by Robin (Kevin Costner) and Azeem (Morgan Freeman).

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