Steak Puttanesca

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3 anchovie fillets, 2T chopped garlic,1-2T pepperochini, 1Can plum tomatoes hand cruched so they are still chunky, 1/2C capers, 1/2C chopped&pitted calamata or /gaeta olives, 2T olive oil.




Grill steak to your liking.

to well heated fry pan add 2T Olive Oil. When very hot just short of smoking add anchovies and let melt into oil (this will happen quickly) add 1-2T pepperochini, add the garlic and stir then add the hand crushed tomatoes immediately (you do not want the garlic to brown)bring up to just below boil and turn off. Add the capers and chopped olives let stand to marinate ingredients. Plate steak and top with Puttanesca. This should be a classic spicey salsa. this sauce is also great for chicken and pasta dishes.


Active Time: 30 Minutes
Total Time: 30 Minutes
Yield: 3 Servings

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