Barbecued Pork Roast

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1 large pork roast



Rinse pork roast and pat dry.

Place on smoker for 2 hours, fat side down. Then transfer to a large crock pot.

DO NOT add liquids, put pork roast fat side up and put on lid.

I usually put roast in crock pot for about 6-7 hours on high and leave overnight.

Turn crock pot off when the meat can be pulled off with fork. let it set and cool a bout 2 hours.

Pour off all liquid, then remove from crock pot, remove bones and all fat,

The meat should be very tender and will shredd itself as you remove fat.

Return to clean crock pot and place barbecue sauce on meat and mix well.

Put crock pot on low and leave for about 2 hours. ENJOY

I usually fix this when I know family is coming. This makes a large amount of barecue and if you don't eat it all you can freeze the rest and use for another day.


Active Time:  2 Hours
Total Time:  10 Hours
Yield:  12 Servings

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