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  • Fried Garlic Potatoes

    Fried Garlic Potatoes

    I like to sauté the potatoes starting from their raw state. However, you can also cook the potatoes in boiling water until just barely tender, then drain well and sauté until browned. Add the garlic for the last few minutes of...

  • Mar's Potato Salad

    Mar's Potato Salad

    slice lengthwise 4 or 5 times then chop in 1/4" slices. Chop radish and celery finely. Combine all vegies then add mustard to mayo and gently toss till vegies are all covered. Add more mayo if needed...

  • Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet Potatoes

    potatoes spray baking dish slice potatoes about 1 inch thick and layer raw potatoes in dish add brown sugar and sprinkle cinnamon between layers last layer brown sugar and cinnamon.Cover...

  • Potato & Sweet Potato Torte

    Potato & Sweet Potato Torte

    Arrange half the potato slices over the leeks and season with salt and pepper. Top with another third of the leeks. Layer the remaining sweet potatoes, leeks and potatoes in the same manner. Cover the pan tightly with foil...

  • Spiced Sweet Potatoes

    Spiced Sweet Potatoes

    Arrange sweet potatoes in a baking pan. Using a pastry brush, baste potatoes thoroughly with sauce, using about half the sauce. Bake about 40 minutes, or until tender, basting with remaining sauce about halfway through cooking...

  • Potato Chips

    Potato Chips

    Fill pan to one-third full with oil and heat to 375 degrees.Drain potatoes and pat until dry. Deep fry in batches in a single layer for 1-2 minutes. Remove to drain; sprinkle with salt and...

  • Horse-n Around Potato Salad Roast Beef Roll Up

    Horse-n Around Potato Salad Roast Beef Roll Up

    Lay roast beef slices on work surface. Place 1/4-cup potato salad lengthwise down the center of each slice of roast beef, and roll tightly. Cut each roll up in 1-inch bite size pieces...

  • Spicy Potato Samosas

    Spicy Potato Samosas

    In a wok or deep frying pan over medium-high heat, pour in oil to a depth of at least 2 inches and heat to 375 degrees F. on a deep-frying thermometer. Using a slotted spoon, gently...

  • Baked Sweet Potato Chips

    Baked Sweet Potato Chips

    Lightly oil a baking sheet and set it aside. In a bowl, combine the olive oil, salt, and ginger.Peel the potatoes and cut them into 1/8-inch slices. Put the potatoes in a bowl, add the oil and ginger mixture. Toss to blend evenly...

  • Pooka Spuds

    Pooka Spuds

    to 325 degrees. Stir well in large bowl the potato spears to coat with olive oil, and place in single layer on parchment paper...

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