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  • Coconut & Raspberry Cupcakes

    Coconut & Raspberry Cupcakes

    In a large bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar together until the mixture is thick and pale and forms a ribbon. Sift the flour and baking powder together and fold into the egg mixture alternately with...

  • Strawberry Patch Cake

    Strawberry Patch Cake

    With a rubber spatula, gently fold the reserved dry ingredients into the pear mixture alternately with the beaten egg whites, making three additions of the dry ingredients and two of the beaten whites...

  • Cranberry Torte

    Cranberry Torte

    Beat sugar and butter together. Add egg, milk, vanilla & salt. Add flour, baking powder. Mix well. Fold in cranberries. Pour into a 9x13 ungreased pan...
  • Raspberry and white chocolate muffins

    Raspberry and white chocolate muffins

    In a med. size bowl, cream butter and 1/2 cup sugar until smooth. Add egg, milk, and vanilla extract and stir until combined. In a large bowl, whisk together baking powder,2 cups of flour, nutmeg and the white choc...
  • Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake

    Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake

    Mix together crust ingredients, press into spring-form pan and bake at 400 degrees F for about 15 minutes until just starting to get color. Remove and cool before adding cheesecake mixture...

  • Twinkie Cake

    Twinkie Cake

    Place sliced strawberries onto vanilla puddind layer then spread cool whip onto the strawberries covering completly. Top with toasted coconut if desired. Chill in refrigerater for 1 hour...

  • Fudgy Rum-Chocolate Cake

    Fudgy Rum-Chocolate Cake

    Melt the chocolate and allow it to cool to room temperature, about 15 minutes. Place the melted chocolate into a mixing bowl and blend in the instant coffee, rum, and boiling water...

  • Angel Food Cake with Mixed Berry Compote

    Angel Food Cake with Mixed Berry Compote

    Sift together the cake flour and 1 cup of the sugar. Repeat the sifting 3 times, then set aside. In a large bowl, beat the egg whites until foamy. Add the cream of tartar and salt. Continue beating until soft peaks form...

  • Heart Healthy Version Chocolate Cherry Almond Cake

    Heart Healthy Version Chocolate Cherry Almond Cake

    In a small saucepan combine sugar, butter and milk. Boil, stirring constantly for one minute. Remove from heat and stir in chocolate chips until smooth. Pour over cake...
  • Red White and Blue Cake

    Red White and Blue Cake

    To assemble, cut cake in half lengthwise, spread whipped cream onto the top of the bottom layer. Shingle the strawberries around the outer layer and then a row of blueberries, then another row of stawberries...

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